About us


Arike Gostaran Farayand Co Ltd. (AGF) is an engineering company that started its activity in the fields of Industrial Automation and Instrumentation in 2007 and since then it has been honored to help customers in the field of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Mining, Steel and Power along with consultation, supplying equipment, installation, commissioning and training.
Since our debut, we continuously develop and improve our knowledge and experience and we are now recognized as a R&D-oriented company with having strong sales engineering team, and we are pioneer of reliable engineering solutions and system integration.
AGF field of activities is: Instrumentation, Control Systems, Automated Valves, Analyzers (GC, CEMS, SWAS), HIPPS, Metering Systems and Tank Gauging systems with precise engineering and supervision based on modern technology.
Our company is active in local and worldwide market with excellent engineering experiences and supplying equipment at reasonable prices. AGF accompanies their customers from the beginning of the project up to the end, with the advantage of experienced engineers and experts.
We put our effort into gathering the best engineering methods and supplying high-precision equipment. We bring to our customers the best solutions based on the edge of technology with longer guarantees, shorter delivery time and lower costs.